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ok I will be a complete newbie to all this but I'll give it a . I'm running ubuntu 5.4 kernel and I know that 5.4.23 fixed the kernel panic I had with a . I just want to know if there is a way to . I have Ubuntu 7.04 running WIndows 98 and it is running great. I upgraded to Ubuntu 7.10 and I am experiencing a kernel panic. I have installed . !spam | backtrader backtrader: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu ):!AskTheBot,!CoC,!Guidelines,!Offtopic,!Language,!Attitude,!Repeat,!Enter,!Paste,!Caps,!NickSpam,!PM,!English - And most importantly, use common sense... what is the major difference between 7.10 & 8.10? is it the new desktop? Phr3d13: keep it in channel ok benzon 7.10 was the name of the first release, 8.10 will be the next benzon: 8.10 was released earlier benzon, no, 8.10 is an OS ah 8.10 = october? oh, no.. sorry 8.10 is 8th month in the year benzon, the 10th month in the year it is the 10th month in the year is there any one to help me with my wlans config hehe yes sn0 oh ok i thought it was in october. thanks :p is it that big of a deal? not for me but it would be nice to be informed... i have 2 wlans, auto eth0 and wlan0, auto eth0 works very fine, but wlan0 keep asking me to insert password




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