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Puppies Available Now!

Updated 06-12-24

For all inquiry's please call the store for fastest response or you may submit an online inquiry.

D.O.B 03/16/24
Est Adult Weight 10-13lb
Miniature Poodle
D.O.B 03/26/24
Est Adult Weight 10lb
Cocker Spaniel
D.O.B 04/10/24
Est Adult Weight 25-27lb
Miniature Australian Shepherd
D.O.B 04/06/24
Est Adult Weight 17-19lb
Miniature Labradoodle
2nd gen
D.O.B 04/02/24
Est Adult Weight 30-35lb
Miniature Labradoodle
2nd gen
D.O.B 04/02/24
Est Adult Weight 26-30lb
Golden Retriever
On Hold
Coming Soon


Puppies Expected

Updated 06-12-24

We reserve puppies from our licensed breeders year round! The date listed is the date they are expected to be available to go home. Some puppies may need extra time with their mom and littermates so be sure to check back frequently if there is a puppy you are waiting on!

Expected Puppies
June 20th
Male Chihuahua
Male Yorkshire terrier
Female Maltipoo

June 27th
Female Golden Retriever
Female Havanese
Female Pomsky

July 5th
Male Morkiepoo
Male Morkiepoo
Female Shorthair Dachshund

July 11th
Female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Female Shih tzu
Female Klee kai
Female Klee Kai
Female Boston Terrier
Female Mini Goldendoodle

July 18th
Female Schnoodle
Male Miniature Australian Shepherd (Merle)

July 25th
Female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Male Boston Terrier
Female Golden Retriever
Female Miniature Goldendoodle
Female Australian Shepherd

August 8th

Male Cavapoo


Aquarium Fish Since 1990


Contact Us!


7429 E. Iliff Avenue, Denver, CO 80231

  • We specialize in nano fish! Pseudomugil, rasbora, danio, miniscule catfish, neocaridinia shrimp, and more can all be foudn here.

  • But we aren't limited to tiny offerings.

  • We carry high quality discus, many have even paired and spawned in our store aquariums.

  • Oddball fish are some of our favorites, stiphodon gobies, unusual catfish, bichir, knifefish, crabs, eels, and more!

  • Dwarf cichlids such as apistogramma, rams, nannochromis, neolamprologus, and more can be found here.

  • We breed our own axolotl, which are cool, fully aquatic salamanders. Come see our display tank in person!

  • Far east fancy goldfish are some of the highest quality goldfish for your tank.

  • Live aquarium plants are essential to create the perfect aquascape, we have both water grown and tissue culture plants available.

  • Aquascaping supplies such as wood, rock, fertilizers, rimless tanks, LED lights, shears, and forceps can be found here.

  • We have filters, heaters, air pumps, media, and more.


Pets + Supplies

Not only are we committed to providing Healthy Pets to the local community, we are also dedicated to understanding their needs. This is why we stock a wide selection of products to keep your pets happy and healthy.

For dogs & Cats this includes a variety of Toys, Grooming tools, Supplements, Training aids, Travel Gear and a large selection of all natural Foods and Treats. Good health starts from inside out! 


For our reptile & Invertebrate friends we carry terrariums, thermostats, a variety of heat sources, bedding, decor, and more. Naturalistic terrarium supplies such as leaf litter, moss, and isopod clean up crews can all be found here.

Adoptable Reptiles & Fish

Proof of proper setup required for adoption animals

Adoption fee may apply

Bearded Dragon
Age 1-2 years
Diet Omnivore
UVB Required
Corn Snake
Crested Gecko
Age 4-6 months
Diet Frugivore
Underbite noticed
Crested Gecko
Age 2-4 months
Diet Frugivore
Short toes due to prior shed issues

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