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For all inquiry's please call the store for fastest response or you may submit an online inquiry.

Labradoodle (2nd gen)
D.O.B 3/21/23
Est Adult Weight 45-60lb
D.O.B 2/6/23
Est Adult Weight 6-9lb
Bichon Frise
D.O.B 2/21/23
Est Adult Weight 13lb
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
D.O.B 3/30/23
Est Adult Weight 14lb
Teddy Bear
D.O.B 3/28/23
Est Adult Weight 13lb
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
D.O.B 3/30/23
Est Adult Weight 22-25lb
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
D.O.B 3/30/23
Est Adult Weight 22-25lb
Bichon Frise
Est Adult Weight 13lb


Puppies Expected

Updated 06-02-23

Expected Puppies
June 15th
Female Poochon
Female Cavachon
Male Klee Kai
Male Pomeranian
Male Morkie
Female French Bulldog 
Male Chihuahua
Female Chihuahua

June 22nd
Female Shihpoo
Male Shih Tzu

July 6th
Male Yochon

July 13th
Male Shiba Inu

July 20th
Male Pekepoo
Female Shibamo
Female Bugg
Male Chipoo

July 27th
Male Havanese
Male Saint Bernadoodle
Female Yorkiepom
August 3rd
Male Yorkie

Who's Visited Lately
Mercury the Silken Windhound

Pets + Supplies

We Carry A Large Selection Of Pet Supplies Including:

  • Dog Food, Treats, & Chews

  • Dog Supplies

  • Cat Food, Treats, & Chews

  • Cat Litter & Supplies

  • Fish Food, Filters, & Chemicals

  • Aquariums & Decor

  • Live Aquatic Plants & Hardscape

  • Small Animal Habitats & Supply

  • Bird Cages & Supply

  • Terrarium Plants

  • COMING SOON Reptiles, Terrariums, & Supply

  • COMING SOON Microfauna



Dog Food


Everyday that we share with our pets is unique.  

Not only are we committed to providing Healthy Pets, we are also dedicated to understanding their needs. We stock a selection of products to keep your puppies happy and healthy. This includes a variety of Toys, Grooming tools, Supplements, Training aids, Travel Gear and a large selection of all natural foods and treats. Good health starts from inside out.

We are always working to bring you the best for your home aquarium! Live Aquatic plants, Freshwater Invertebrates, Tropical fish, and Fancy Goldfish from the far east. We have many fish you can't find anywhere else, especially in the nano niche, with dozens of micro species available at any given time. We work with the best suppliers to bring you only the healthiest Aquatic Life.

We now offer Small Animal & Bird supplies, to complement the Gerbils, Hamsters, Sugar Gliders, Canaries, and more we often have in store.

COMING SOON to AquaticDog is a full line of reptile supplies, including terrariums and everything you need to go naturalistic! Live Reptiles, Amphibian, & Invertebrates are Incoming.

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